The scary part is

That this guy getting onto the base is no, apparently, and aberration:

Other local delivery guys said the guards rarely check for any ID. “They don’t ask us for ID,” said Juan Salvador, 38, an immigrant from Guatemala who delivers for Fourth Avenue deli Goustaro. But his manager said she, too, is now afraid to send undocumented food couriers into the federal facility.

So lets see here:

Lots of businesses admit that they employ Illegal Aliens undocumented workers. (Where is ICE?? One would think that they would be raiding investigating these restaurants)

These people, both the businesses and the illegals, think that they have a right to work (and to employ) against current federal and state laws.

Apparently, being asked for ID at the gate to the base is not normal.

Non-US citizens have, apparently, had unsupervised access to a US military installation for a long time.

This is a bigger issue than just one man who has lived here illegally for YEARS while under a deportation order. 

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3 thoughts on “The scary part is

  1. Yeah, and I'm surprised, since 100% ID has been the RULE for about 5 years now.

  2. Totally disgusting part of the matter is, they actually stopped his deportation. A new York judge put a stop to it. He has been here ILLEGALLY for ten years. Apparently he hasn't thought to get legal in that time. I don't understand why they allow illegals to cut to the front of the line anyway. I am a very firm believer they should be deported and wait to enter when their turn comes up. If you allow any illegals to stay and become legal, you set the precedent for it to become the norm to bypass legal entry.

  3. And he is driving around without a license. Which probably means no insurance. And everyone seems to think this guy is a victim.

    He is a criminal.

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