SO, the feminists have won

When will we have the interview portion of the Olympics, instead of swimming and running and lifting weights? I mean, since physicality doesn’t matter……

So one thing the Feminists have always had as a trademark is that they are, generally, not in great physical shape, nor are they attractive. They wear clothing that is tentlike, and they attempt to hide the fact that they eat too much and work out not enough. They don’t care enough to clean up or do more than bundle their hair up so it doesn’t get in the way. Often, they look like fat slobs, because they are, mostly, essentially lazy fat slobs. (yes, I know I am generalizing and all, but in most cases it is true)

And they tend to dislike women who keep themselves physically fit, and who dress to show it, and who take the time to pay attention to their physical appearance…hair,makeup, etc.

And now they’ve gotten to the Miss America pageant…….. “No longer a pageant, but a competition“….

Instead of being, essentially, a pageant that judges women on their appearance AND their talents (and, at the end of it all, their apparent fertility) the “Competition” will be before a panel of judges that will judge based on some other kind of criteria.

I foresee the end of the pageant. Not because men won’t watch it, (mostly, we don’t) but because WOMEN will stop watching it. It isn’t MEN that fuel the FOUR HUNDRED BILLION DOLLAR yearly market for cosmetics and other “beauty” products….And because everyone that watches, watches to see pretty women dressed well.

Miss America started as a swimsuit competition and no on ever forced any of the young women contestants to compete with her peers…..

I predict it will either change back within 3 years, or will go bankrupt.

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