Why crimes are high in Liberal enclaves:

I mean, seriously, Can you believe this attitude?

Yet I struggle and consider this boy. Would I really want him to get a punishment that would cut him off from any opportunity or future?

Carjacked. Property taken by FORCE. Strongarm robbery, really.

Only by the grace of God that her child wasn’t taken with the car.
Yet she worries about the kid, a part of the robbery. Taking her property by FORCE. Stealing property that they didn’t ear with violence.

“but I worry about the poor young man”.

If she were bitten by a dog, would she think that it just needed “understanding” and “counseling”? Or would she want the dog locked up and/or euthanized?

I’m of the opinion that the dog is the better citizen…it probably doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. The fokks that carjacked her did, and don’t care.

It’s no wonder that crime rises when Liberalism becomes prevalent in an area.