Now I gotta clean 3 1911’s and a M&P shield:

Took a kid from the flight school to the range. He like the 1911 platform, so I took my Rock Island GiImodel, my Para and my new Sig for him to play with.

He killed several bowling pins and rang the gongs to the tune of 100 of my reloads and 250 factory Federal 230g. Oddly, he likes the GI model (with GI sights) best…..must be 19 year old eyes.

I watched him and put the first 100 rounds of WWB 9mm through the pipe of the new M&P Shield.
Me like….A lot. It ain’t a 1911, but it is easier to conceal and a lot lighter….Not a bad trigger, and THIS model has a thumb safety (which is a requirement for me) and, of course, the trigger safety.. The laser was visible at 30 feet in afternoon full sunlight and was as easy to see on the light gray painted gong as the 3 dot sights.

So about an hour of detail strip and clean on the 1911’s and then however long it takes to fully strip and clean the M&P.

Terrible chores to have…..