So the media

Keeps saying that the asshole shooter in Santa Fe TX left behind both some Molotov coctails and some “CO2 explosives”.

What, exactly are “CO2 explosives”?

Is this just the uneducated (as to anything worth knowing)  repeating what they thought they heard? Or was there an actual device and it was, perhaps somehow powered by or charged by CO2? It is awfully hard to get CO2 to do anything …energetically… as far as I know. I mean, pressure vessels, yes, but explosive?  For all intents and purposes CO2 is pretty inert. It would be a great dispersant for a powder or an aerosol, perhaps….

I’m just curious as to what, exactly the media is chattering about here.

Any idea? 

2 thoughts on “So the media

  1. They're either referring to C4 explosives (which are dangerous and hard to get your hands on), or simple dry ice in a sealed jug with water (it can explode the jug, but doesn't really cause much damage). Knowing reporters, they don't know what they're talking about and are just repeating what someone told them.

  2. And a Molotov cocktail is no more dangerous than the gas can in your shed or garage until it is lit

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