Media surprised when basic Chemistry and physics happen:

I guess Journalism majors, in addition to not learning english or spelling, don’t learn any basic chemistry or physics either…..

USA Today: ‘Hawaii volcano poses a new threat: Acid from Kilauea’s lava, called ‘laze,’ pouring into the ocean’…which is kinda wrong. (The lava interacting with the seawater creates, among other things, hydrochloric acid vapor, which is bad for lungs)

This is a natural process, giving off vaporized hydrochloric acid and fine particles of “glass”. Happens every time that lava meets the ocean…every time…..No surprise to anyone who pays attention, but to the media and apparently most journalists, this is both a surprise and a scary new phenomenon. Apparently, it frightens them as well. The CBS newscritters are surprised at this and frightened by it and are also under the impression that a simple N-100 mask can keep you safe (it won’t).

I’m no genius, but I understood this sort of thing after high school chemistry and physics for gods sake. Apparently though, journalists never learn anything…even though they supposedly went to college?

2 thoughts on “Media surprised when basic Chemistry and physics happen:

  1. Even more fodder for the Gell-Mann amnesia effect.

    Is there anything the media actually reports accurately?

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