quicker and quieter than a hammer.

Again: Locks Only Keep the Honest People out…..

your home is not secure. It never was.

This device, however,  is quieter than a hammer or a battering ram….(If a bunch of cops in Riot Gear can be quiet, that is)…..

Kind of a nice idea, and no doubt an expensive toy for taxpayers to by for those suburban SWAT teams to have to play with on their overtime training….

At best, this makes the entry quieter for the first second or two though. Once the door begins to splinter, your stealth goes in the crapper kinda fast.
Plus this takes 2 men to operate, rather than one husky dude with a sledgehammer or a battering ram.

Like many things marketed to cops and police agencies, this is an expensive solution looking for a problem.

2 thoughts on “quicker and quieter than a hammer.

  1. I do see one fatal flaw in this device.
    You have to stand in the middle of the doorway to attach it.
    Thus, you are a prime meat target.

  2. Still not as fast as Carl-Gustaf M4 with HE Anti-Structure rounds.

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