And, again, Soros defames Trump by Proxy….

(at least, that is what it appears).

Seems that Stephanie Clifford, the Porn Star  known as Stormy Daniels is once again taking the fight to Trump in a (how else?) sleazy and underhanded way..Who, exactly,  is paying her bills these days? Allegedly, it is G. Soros. I can’t be sure one way or another.
And who is pay ing her attorney?

Somehow, again, she found the money to file yet another lawsuit against Trump, this time for “Defamation” because he dismissed her (unproven and unprovable) claim that some dude “Threatened her”  in 2011 to keep quiet about he (alleged) affair with TheDonald…

Remember, sex between two people is nobody business (if you are a Democrat….).