One has to wonder

Who, exactly, is orchestrating this current push to show how all whites and all businesses NOT owned by blacks are racist?

I mean, just because someone insists that one be a customer to sit in a restaurant and take up a table, or someone gets tossed out of a restaurant because one is fighting, or cannot behave….Or claims racism because they aren’t shown deference BECAUSE they are black….

I mean, I dislike and speak out against racism when I see it. (and, rarely, I DO see it). But the other side is folks who DEMAND special treatment….and when they don’t get it, try playing the race card. Sometimes one is mistreated simply because one is an ass….

I’ve been mistreated on many occasions by black or hispanic employees of businesses. They would fail to see me and take the black or hispanic person behind me. Part of living in our society. I would wager that there are more racists (for sure percentage wise) in this country who are black than white. Probably the same for Hispanics too. You don’t hear whites crying, we simply either deal with it, or go somewhere else to spend our money. (And because it isn’t worth it to try to file a lawsuit…..which is, in itself, discrimination)

But my point is that someone is behind this push for stories and op-ed pieces that have suddenly proliferated…

Is it because they plan to use race (again) as a divisive topic in the upcoming election? Is it because support for Trump and the Republican Party is fairly high among our darker citizens?

For whatever reason, Race is becoming a hot topic. I do believe that the Starbucks incident was orchestrated simply to give a base for the rest of these stories. Those men chose to be arrested, they could have stopped the process many times along the way bu coughing up $4 for a single drink…or leaving when requested after refusing to become customers. And now we have a proliferation of articles claiming other restaurants are racist. (really? 4 ATTEMPTED suits in 40 years? That’s all you got?)

So Who…..and Why?