my my, isn’t this interesting:

Perhaps Soros or his ilk?

peaceful Switzerland is in the crosshairs of international and domestic gun control advocates who are intent on abolishing the idyllic nation’s tradition of an armed citizenry. Using the 2017 changes to the European Firearms Directive as justification, these foreign and home-grown forces are attempting to burden the tranquil republic with gun controls the Swiss people have continually rejected. However, as was pointed out in a recent Bloomberg article, many Swiss citizens are refusing to take this assault on their inalienable rights and national sovereignty lying down

So even though the Swiss don’t have a “Gun crime problem ” (hint: the US doesn’t either if you don’t count the mostly “ethnic” parts of Liberal Large Cities…..South side of Chicago, etc.) the EU and their ever intrusive Statist Bureaucrats are pushing for even more gun control in Switzerland…..

And the Swiss have said “Fuck You…we like things just the way they are”

This ougha get, as Kenny said, “interesting”…… I think this might be a line that the Swiss won’t let be crossed.

This article was found over at Ken’s place, BTW.