Least bad

I’m thinking, at least in my local elections, that I my well choose to vote for those candidates who have the least vile mailings and who say the least vile things about their opponents.

Here, at least, most of them are pretty bad. I have a great deal of mailings that tell me what a sleazbag the other guy is, but very few that tell me why I should vote for that candidate that is denigrating his opponent.

Even worse, they are hiding behind all sorts of “Paid For by Friends of _____” groups, and don’t even have the courage to sign their name to the mud they are slinging.

This may well be an election wherein I have to choose the Lesser of the Two Weasels.

2 thoughts on “Least bad

  1. I can think of only ONE type of political person who doesn't go in for character assasination.

    The Libertarian.

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