“Almost No warning”

“We only had minutes to evacuate”. 

If you live on the slope of an active and awake volcano and didn’t plan on lava eating your home in the near future, then you haven’t been paying attention.

I knew that someone on the slopes of the Kilauea volcano was going to have their home engulfed in lava at some point soon…..and I live in NW Indiana, fer chrissakes…. earthquakes, the whole crater collapse, etc. And I don’t live anywhere near a volcano…

If you live in the area and still have all your irreplaceable possessions in your home instead of stored away safely in another location, I don’t feel any sympathy. If you live anywhere near the area and weren’t ready to evacuate on a moment’s notice, I feel no sympathy. I hope that your Children and Pets are safe.

Lava flow. Rivers of molten rock.
One cannot fight that. Simply get out of the way.