DB Cooper???

DB Cooper was one of my heroes. He thumbed his nose at everyone and got away with it….and hurt no one in the process. Yes, he was a criminal, and a thief, but his methods were good, and he had class….and style.

They claim that the mystery from 1971 is solved….

Walter Reca?  Was he really “DB Cooper”? Did his friends really know…and were they really part of his conspiracy?

Supposedly, his identity is now revealed. And Walter Reca is dead of old age.

(18 minute video)

I dunno. But they claim they have taped confessions and a written confession.

 Fox News thinks so, apparently…
Others, not so much

FBI conspiracy? Did they really let him get away with the Hijacking just so they could use him for other purposes?
Seems odd, but then again, things like that happened back then.

Maybe just an attempt to sell a book?
We will likely never know.