Boosting the signal:

So, via Kens place, we get this:

For his 100th birthday on June 6 — which comes 74 years after he was miraculously pulled off a Normandy-bound boat on D-Day — Michigan WWII veteran Isaac “Ike” Fabela has just one wish, his family said.

Fabela will be anxiously checking his mail, as the happy and humble vet hopes to rack up 100 birthday cards from well-wishers across the country.

Send the dude a card. A couple a bucks won’t hurt ya too bad, and it’ll make his day.

Address, in case you didn’t follow the link:

Ike Fabela
C/O Nick Rodgers
PO Box 3112 Montrose, MI

If doing an old vet a favor…if that is too much bother, then I hope I never meet you.

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