While I applaud the President’s wish to secure the southern border…I think that deploying National Guard troops is a really poor choice of methods. They aren’t policemen, have no arrest powers and are not properly trained nor equipped for the job.

Having said that, they must be effective, as a whole slew of Hispanic advocacy groups are up in arms….The cries are loud that this won’t work, that it is not needed and, of course, “Racism”>

Which, in my opinion, shows where the loyalties lie….Race over country.

Who, exactly, is racist?

2 thoughts on “Y’know…

  1. use the war powers act and declare the Mexican drug cartels a terrorist threat, deploy the troops, and detain anyone crossing the border as a POTENTIAL terrorist. anyone with drugs will be turned over to the DEA, anyone else will be interrogated and returned to their country of origin.
    of course any real militant bad guys will be sent to gitmo for further intel gathering actions.

  2. Indeed; that's been my thought from the beginning. These aren't "illegal aliens;" this is an INVASION, and should be repelled as such!

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