And they are unhappy…I get that

Those poor Parkland students.

But the question comes up:

What, exactly, are you hiding there?

What do you NEED an opaque backpack for?

2 thoughts on “And they are unhappy…I get that

  1. I respect the 4th Amendment right to privacy, and I keep secrets myself, but we must do something about those high capacity backpacks and their ghost contents! Think of the children! Student's brains are not fully developed and cannot handle the responsibility of a right to privacy!

  2. They should take this as a learning experience.

    When you ask someone else, especially government, to solve problems by removing your rights they will. Maybe not in the way you wanted or without additional consequences.

    If someone has, or is given the power to solve your problems. They also have the power to create more problems.

    Legislation is not the answer. Government can not solve our problems.

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