This might actually help:

Seems that the Californians have actually  deigned to start looking at things in a logical manner:

Los Angeles to paint streets white in order to counteract the Urban Heat Island Effect.

Note: “If the 100 largest cities in the world replaced their dark roofs with white shingles and their asphalt-based roads with concrete or other light-colored material, it could offset 44 metric gigatons (billion tons) of greenhouse gases”….More than a years worth of Human caused emissions…

Anyone who lives in the country can tell you how much asphalt creates heat in the summer. And if you live in the snowbelt, you know how much faster things melt if you can find the “Black” under the snow……

I do think that $40K per mile is a bit “salty” for what is, essentially, parking lot seal, but has there ever been a Glowbal Warming initiative where someone in power didn’t make a shitload of cash in kickbacks?

One thought on “This might actually help:

  1. What is the energy cost of assembling the raw materials to make that much paint, and then transporting the paint to the city, and then distributing the paint.
    Also add in the amount of heat released by burning the fuel needed to apply the paint, and don't forget about the fuel used to move parked cars away from the streets to be painted, and then the fuel to move them back.
    There is also a real world cost to disrupting the routines of people and business across an entire city.

    The folks advocating to paint the streets will ignore all the above and continue their chants of, "but we're saving the planet!"

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