He was, of course, a danger from over 50 yards away….

Or, at least, that is what the officer “reasonably believed”.

I call BULLSHIT.  I say MURDER.  (HERE IS THE VIDEO….the shooting starts at 1:00….) The cops had reason to be wary, yes. The SWATTING had everyone on edge, and they thought they were surrounding the home of a man who was purported to have shot his father…

The cops were in position over 50 yards away, under cover. The poor dude, who had no idea what was going on, got shot because the cop at the back of the rifle, looking through a scope, at night, with VERY poor lighting, decided the guy on the porch was “reaching for his waistband”.
He shot and killed Andrew Finch, who likely never knew why the cops were surrounding his house or why he was shot.

If I had shot anyone at that range, for ANY reason, at night, with no weapon visible, I would (rightly) be charged with, and tried for, MURDER. The cop needs to be as well.  Low lighting, a LONG distance and yet the cop was able to “be assured” that there was a weapon (hint: There wasn’t…Mr Finch was unarmed).

“Officer Safety” and all that….Had there been an officer on the porch, instead of hiding across the street, then this could have perhaps been avoided.

Here’s a hint for cops: If you are that afraid, then FIND ANOTHER JOB.

No, I wasn’t there, and no, I don’t want to be a cop….but at the end of the day, your safety doesn’t trump those of the citizens you serve.

I call this, still, murder.

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  1. Yeah we really need to get back to one set of law and standards. This king's men bs will not end well for anybody in the end.

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