So I figure

That the Starbucks manager is gonna get her payout too…

I mean, the 2 black men who were arrested chose to be arrested. One wonders if they planned to do so. They were loitering (apparently for about 45 minutes) and were left alone….Then they asked to use the bathroom, and were told that the bathroom was just for customers…which is when they protested….and were then asked to purchase something……or leave.

Had they made even a small purchase, they would have been left alone. They chose not to do so.

When asked to leave, since they had chosen not to be customers, they refused.
So the cops were called. The cops offered them the option of leaving (or, from some reports, purchasing an item….) They refused, leaving the cops no choice but to arrest them, as at that point, the two men, never having been customers, were now trespassing.

The manager has been called a racist by the CEO of Starbucks. ‘Twould seem to me that he has impugned her character. There is no company policy regarding , no when people are loitering in the lobby…..She’s gonna find it hard to get a job now…..I’d say Starbucks owes her a few years wages.

Were I her, I’d be suing for damages. Defamation of character at the least. Firing her was….stupid