Be like James

When a gunman chose to shoot people at a Waffle House restaurant in Nashville,  Some folks hid, some folks chose not to be victims:

Mr Shaw took ACTION.
Firstly, he took cover, saving himself.
Then, when the opportunity presented itself, he chose to emerge from cover and take ACTION. He bumrushed the shooter….catching him off guard and wrestling the gun away.

“He was gonna have to work to kill me.”…..Maybe Mr. Shaw felt he had no choice, but still, he TOOK ACTION. He took damage, too, but he ACTED and he WON.

Be Like James Shaw. He likely saved his own life and the lives of many others. Action when it was needed.

He is a hero in my book. Should we ever meet, the beer is on me.

I hope, should the time ever come, that I can react halfway as well as Mr. Shaw.

I will call him “Mr.” and “Sir”. His actions are worthy of that.

I hope they release the video…..

One thought on “Be like James

  1. He went full sheepdog. A courageous young man who should never have to buy his own drinks. A true hero.

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