“Next time around, if the shit hits the fan and there are going to be mass graves, I fully intent to be filling them, not lying in one.”

Fuck Yeah.

And I’m not jewish, despite my last name.

Via ElmTree Forge:

“Alright, so it’s 2039.  Enough Social Justice Warriors get elected and stack the Supreme Court.  The decide that the 14th Amendment doesn’t apply to the Jews because… Israel.  Now American Jews have to be exterminated for justice for Palestine.  The concentration camps are being fenced in, the gas chambers are being built, and college kids are tweeting selfies of themselves standing next to containers of hydrogen cyanide with the hashtags #DeathToTheJews and #JustiveForPalestine.  What the fuck do you do.?”

Yeah, I never understood how a people, as a whole (mostly) can be so against firearms in private hands, seeing as how fairly recent history shows what happens when the people cannot fight back…

Think what could have happened if every third jewish home in Germany in 1939 had had a single rifle and 30 rounds of ammo?

Look at what happened in Warsaw….