And that’s how you handle it, ladies:

Some  dude in Ireland grabbed this chicks ass at the station….

She decked him. Smacked him right in the face.

That’s how you handle it. Don’t retreat to your safe space…don’t complain about it to your girlfriends hours later….Don’t sit in the shower and cry about the “Patriarchy”.

And don’t bottle it up for 25 years until you have a chance to use your sisterhood to destroy someone….and in doing so give him the chance to do the same to countless other women

Deck the bastard. Shout loudly. Make it clear that you disapprove and that you have been assaulted. Stand up and make sure it stops. Be a BIG GIRL.

Kick him in the balls, if that is what it takes. Stand up for yourself.

Otherwise you are part of the problem. 

2 thoughts on “And that’s how you handle it, ladies:

  1. Been there. Did that. Works!! And, boy, did it feel GOOD! I was 17, 5'3" 118# and seeing little green stars in a field of red. He was 6'2", about 210, and very full of himself.
    I punched straight out, hard, into his gut. When he was bent over, I started from about my hip and swung a right hook into his jaw. It stood him straight up, and over he went, hard, onto the marble floor. Knocked him silly.
    Attitude correction…done!

    Do NOT piss off folks who have Irish ancestry…or Swedish, or Scots for that matter. The fuse is long, but the temper will explode. Just because I am a girl, doesn't mean I wont fight back. Keep your damn hands, and attitude to yourself! No really does mean NO!

  2. "The fuse is long, but the temper will explode."

    Amen to that, so far it's been twice in 56 years.

    I'm sure it might be once or twice more.

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