It is amazing

How the media and the folks on the Left (but I repeat myself) have taken to the attack on Scott Pruitt….

It all stems, it seems, from his choice to base policy on SCIENCE, rather than fashionable “consensus” Junk Science….He wants an honest assessment of the “data” that is used to make policy….to let everyone examine the methodology and the datasets themselves. To base policy that affects many millions of people and hundreds of millions of dollars on actual, you know, science….

The Left is up in arms, and for good reason. He won’t hear of spending money or making policy where there is no science…or where the data cannot be examines or the methodology is secret…where the results cannot be independently verified or reproduced……

But that has been the modus operandi of the “environmental” folks at the EPA for YEARS…decades, even…..Come up with at theory (generally unresearched and unproven or researched using poor “science”) as to how Mother Gaia is being damaged (usually the fault of some Big Business)…and make a regulation to fix the (nonexistent, or marginal) perceived problem….

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  1. Why is your laundry not as clean as it was years ago? Why don't dishwashers clean your dishes as well as they used to? Because of the phony science that caused phosphate to be removed from detergent. "Science" said that these phosphates caused algae blooms in rivers and streams that suffocated animal life in them. This was not even close to being the truth. It was caused by runoff from overuse of fertilizer on farms and lawns. It's easier and cheaper to spread the artificial fertilizer produced by Big Agro than to use composted manure like in the old days. Do you remember the old days when your nice, green lawn was a mix of grass and clover? Back then turf seed was a mix of grass and clover. The clover fixed nitrogen to the soil to help feed the grass. When the grass would go dormant during the hot, dry summer months the lawn would still be green because the clover doesn't go dormant. And the bees loved it. Big Agro decides that they need to make more money, so they go after the homeowners and convince us that we need to kill all the weeds and clover in ours lawns with their herbicides. Now without the clover we need to heavily feed our turf with their products to keep it lush and green. They also removed clover seed from the grass seed mix and jacked up the prices.

    Okay, enough of my rambling.

  2. Rambling Pt 2

    No, I'm not quite done rambling. If you want some really nice, clean laundry go get yourself some phosphate to add back to your detergent. It's called sodium tripoly phosphate or STPP for short. Add about one or two tablespoons to the water as your washer is filling (standard washer) and only use 1/2 to 2/3 the amount of your normal detergent. You don't need expensive stuff like Tide. I use really cheap stuff called Xtra. If you have a high efficiency washing machine use about one teaspoon of STPP and your normal amount of detergent. A good test to do to prove the effectiveness of STPP is to wash a load of tightie whities and compare the appearance of a clean pair from your drawer to one washed with STPP. I think that you will notice a huge difference. It's also great for colors. Have you ever noticed that your bath towels smell sour after one use? STPP will cure that. What happens is that dirt, body oils, mold and bacteria redeposit on you laundry during the wash and rinse cycle because the surfactants and other additives in modern detergent are not nearly as effective at keeping them suspended in the wash water as STPP. You may also notice some black gunk coming from the outlet hose for a while after using STPP. This is from the phosphate dissolving the buildup of surfactants and dirt from the piping in your washer. You may also notice that the little holes in the drum have had the mineral deposits cleaned out after some weeks of use. STPP has the same benefits in a dishwasher. Add 1/8 teaspoon with your regular dishwashing detergent. Viola! No more water spots. No more sludge in the plumbing. Okay, now enough rambling………

    You can buy STPP through Amazon and a few other places. Try it, you'll like it. Would a retired chemist lie to you?

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