Waiting with bated breath:

Ok, not really.

But I am waiting to see what sort of penalty the ATF(e) brings down on this woman for illegally creating an SBR.  Having both the lower and the short barrel in your possession can be used as cause for prosecution, even if they aren’t assembled….

‘Cause if she gets away with it, then I might have to inadvertently make that mistake too. And keep it (both pieces) as a reminder of what not to do in the future……

She, of course, claims she knew what she was doing (demonstration of “Intent”?) and then, afterwards, took it to the police department…(Colluding with others to hide a crime?) and it has now been reported to the ATF.

If she isn’t prosecuted, the I think the rest of us should be able to do the same….and since they let her get away with it, we all could too (equal before the law)….

(I need to add that I really have no need for an SBR, as I’m not a door kicker and prefer my rifle cartridges have actual, you know, velocity and such)