The New Bad Thing

First it was blacks, then it was kikes and then it was the polaks and then it was the spics and now…..

How quickly they change the object of their Ire….

I remember when the AK-47 was the terrible “Assault Rifle” thing that needed to be banned. It was the one that had the “thing that goes up” and all the bad features that defined an “Assault Weapon”(whatever that was). You could shoot tens of thousands of people with one magazine, and IIRC, it even MADE people into killers, just by holding it.

Now, it would seem, AR- series of rifles is the new “Bad ” rifle, and AK is ok, at least for now. At least the press isn’t focusing on it….Yet.

One thought on “The New Bad Thing

  1. I heard a talking head insist the “AR” in AR15 stands for “assault rifle”. I guess he never heard of Armalite.

    Bond uses an AR7 in “From Russia with Love”. I guess that little rifle was an assault weapon too.

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