For those who may not have seen it:

‘Tis folks like the one quoted here that are a great deal of the reason that we, as free citizens, NEED to be able to own firearms.

Because it is folks like this, and the politicians who listen to them and/or think like them, that we need to protect ourselves AND our Country from.

They won’t enforce laws on Drugs, as she says, (and especially not on Illegal Immigration) but sure as hell, there are folks who think it is OK to turn you into a serf for the fact that you wish to be free. Who would, with the stroke of a pen, turn you into a criminal simply for exercising your Constitutional right. Who would villify you and imprison you because they blame the object, rather than the wielder….And who would ignore the failures of society and the minions servants of society  to protect itself and it’s members even using existing laws. Who would remove your freedoms and the freedoms of all because some individual cannot abide by the laws the rest of us respect.

By her logic, we should remove all alcohol because some folks abuse it, remove all automobiles because some are not responsible enough to use them properly…And, especially, because we disagree with her views.

I think she would be better served in going to Australia or western Europe, where the State (composed of people like her) tells the rest of the serfs how to live. … And the Serfs, having no other choice,, are compliant after many years of social engineering.

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