So where

Did all these kids get the money to pay for all those trips?

I mean, it isn’t like air travel is terribly expensive these days, but it ain’t an insignificant cost, either. Especially if you are a high school kid.

Yet these kids all fanned out across the country, in some cases speaking at several venues throughout the day…..

Sure as hell didn’t get that kind of scratch babysitting and mowing lawns.

Can the rest of the country not see that this is theater?
Theater staged just for a goal?
I guess it plays well to the liberal leaning folks.

I am reminded of the “Two Minute Hate” from a novel I read about 20 years a go my some guy named Orwell….only this “Two Minutes” was covered (and presented) by CNN and the other media.


ETA: According to Aaron, THIS IS WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM for the “Liberal Heartstrings Theater” production yesterday….

Odd that we cannot get the source of the funds, innit? Betcha CNN won’t bother to tell us, either. 

One thought on “So where

  1. I have travelled regularly for a quarter of a century — two or three nights a week on tne road. You cannot do a hotel and food for much less than $ 75 -$100/ day — even if you go cheap, cheaper, cheapest.

    Someone is spending a lot of dough.

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