Differing point of view

So I am at the Tempe Arizona art festival…waiting for some folks….

Now, the festival is in the pattern for departing aircraft from Sky Harbor airport. Lots of passenger jets climbing out…once every 3 minutes or so.

No one notices, until a pair of C-17’s in formation fly over at about 4000 feet.

Then, because the noise level of the pair of jets was a bit higher, a dude said something about “military jets should be banned”.

I said “That’s the sound of freedom, dude, you should welcome it”.

Lots agreement from the others around us.

He whined and walked away.

There’s more folks out there that think like us than we think, they are just silent until someone else speaks up.  Even the artsy fartsy folks. 

One thought on “Differing point of view

  1. Heh, yep the sound of freedom, and the Tinnitus I have… sigh

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