5 thoughts on “One has to wonder why Califronia is part of this nation anymore

  1. A lot of what CA gets away with is due to the complacency of the rest of the country; "It's not my problem, so it's not a problem." Believe me; if you folks don't get it together, and start pushing back against this stuff at the federal level, it's going to be your problem soon enough! A little help from our fellow Americans would be truly appreciated by the loyal, taxpaying, American citizens living in CA. Not everyone can move to "The American Redoubt."

    Oh; and the reason CA is still a state; best farmland in the world, oil, natural gas, gold, copper, deepwater ports, yadda, yadda, yadda, let alone providing an ocean border on the country's west end. You DON'T want to throw CA overboard. You DO want to throw its politicians and illegal immigrants overboard! 4.x MILLION people in CA voted for Trump, or at least voted AGAINST Hildebeast. That's more than the populations of a few "flyover states" COMBINED.

    PS: Previous comments; "His" and "him" are actually "her." READ the article…

  2. My favorite line from the article, "She complained that illegal aliens are not adequately represented in state government, and described her appointment as a step towards correcting that alleged injustice."

    It seems that the term "illegal" not longer means that something is against the law and that therefore if someone commits an illegal activity that they have committed a criminal act.

    Maybe she self-identifies as a legal citizen?

  3. Pet: Until the Citizens of California take back their state, the rest of the Union is better off without all of the State of California. I don't care if Some voted for Trump, a lot didn't. And worse, they choose to vote for these idiots who then screw up their own state as well as influence the rest of our politicians.

    We WOULD be better off without the State of California.

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