4 thoughts on “Cheap:

  1. Now that he has been fired it is time to charge him for the the crimes he committed.

  2. IF they wanted to keep him from getting a retirement, they shoulda charged him before firing him.

    Doing it the way they did was petty and cheap.

  3. Two things:
    The firing was done on the recommendation of the FBI's own Office of Professional Responsibility (internal affairs division). A firing a year ago would have been seen as politically motivated and much less defensible.
    A Federal employee who is charged with a crime is not automatically fired and does not forfeit his pension rights, since anyone can be charged with anything. Only a conviction would automatically trigger a firing, and only a conviction for specified crimes (official misconduct, espionage, treason, etc.) would result in a loss of pension rights.

  4. Al he has to do is get another federal job for a few days, and it will roll over as combined GS time. He will get that money, no matter how piss-poor his performance was.

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