Almost went flying at 9

But the winds, 300ish at 10 or so all morning, then became 310/320 at 10…GUSTING 28, then gusting 32….all in the space of 15 minutes….they weren’t forecast to be that bad, either. Plus the ceiling dropped to about pattern height.

Just a bit outside my level of skill at this point. So I preflighted an airplane for nothing.

The instructor and his student who arrived back at the hangar just as I was leaving (I helped ’em push the C150 back into the hangar) were a bit wild eyed (even the instructor) at their last landing. Apparently they did 3 go arounds then flew the pattern for 15 minutes or so hoping for better winds.

I think I made a good call not to fly…. the gusts continued until after noon.

(Runways are 9/27, 18/36)