Ain’t it interesting?

When there is a winter storm in the midwest, or a storm in the south, the media can barely be bothered to cover it at all.

But when there is a winter storm in the east coast, they cover it with many people and for half the newscast?

OMFG!!! 400 thousand without power!!! Might not get it back for 12 hours!!

A foot of schnow! We can’t get to the store!

Armageddon (ish)….! 

Yet, when worse conditions happen in Oklahoma, or Kansas, or Minnesota, or other parts of the Midwest, they have other things to talk about.

Odd, that. 

One thought on “Ain’t it interesting?

  1. it's cause they don't live in Oklahoma, or Kansas or Minnesota, so it's just winter weather. but when it's in their back yard, on their streets, and their sidewalks, it's lead item news.
    same with college sports. if they can't go to the game, and be back in their bed that night, or entertained by Hollywood starlets, the teams aren't worth following, and certainly can't be good enough to be ranked, cuse we would follow them if they were.

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