Weather is screwing with me…But I am getting there nonetheless.

So I was supposed to fly Wednesday. Nope. snow squalls all day, bad viz. So, no flying. It was, of course, clear and nice at my house, 9 miles away….

Same same today. Clear and sunny at my home, viz in excess of 10 miles, unlimited ceiling. But to the east, Lake Effect snow. Viz 1/2 to 3/4, ceiling at 1700. So no flaying at 10 AM.

So I cancelled flying at 10. At 3 pm, it was awesome clear and smooth and no clouds or haze. I went up and did stalls and steep turns and slow flight and then some some landings. Winds 310 at 12 gusting 22…. So runway 27. First approach, wind gust picked me up a quarter mile off the end of the runway. I chose to go around, even though I could have used some more of the 7000 foot runway to set down. Trying to learn to make good decisions.

Second landing was a bit flat, but not too bad. The wind dropped me at the last minute, but I was correcting for it and was prepared for it. I’m actually not having to THINK about it, I am just doing the corrections.

3rd landing was just about perfect.
4th was perhaps the best I’ve ever done. Just touched on the upwind wheel and then the downwind. If you’d had a cup of coffee it wouldn’t have spilled. Didn’t even squawk the tires, just a rumble to show I was down.

5th was smooth, but not as smooth as the 4th one.

Taxi back and call it good.
0.9 for the day.

I did learn how much fun a snow covered taxiway can be though.

Gonna do it again today.