And why didn’t we hear about this “investigation” during the election:

Who ordered the investigation stopped? Why?

The FBI has been investigating the Clinton Foundation for months, reviving a probe that was dialed back during the 2016 campaign amid tensions between Justice Department prosecutors and FBI agents about the politically charged case, according to people familiar with the matter.

Why did they stop investigating “dial back” during the presidential campaign?

Why are we only now hearing about this investigation, rather than during the campaign?
One wonders why it was stopped…Did the FBI think the case about the classified emails/Unsecured server would put her away (It should have, she WAS guilty, and folks have gone to prison for lesser failures with classified info)??? Or did someone…say a guy with big ears who lives in a pale house near a swamp, order Comey and his minions to stop? Perhaps it happened after another “chance meeting” with Loretta Lynch or something. One wonders what leverage the Clintons had over the higher ups in the Justice department…..Were they afraid of being “Fostered”? I cannot find any other reason as to why they would have stopped it.

I still want to know where the press was regarding this investigation before the election, and who ordered them to keep it quiet.

And I want to know why the FBI agents kept it quiet too? They talk about every other investigation, why keep mum on this one?