Pretty much don’t need a trial here, do we?

That guy who the cops shot in Wichita? You know, the one who got “SWATTED”?

HERE is the video.

Notice how far away the cops were from the suspect. If (and it was, at that point, an IF) the dude had had a handgun in his waistband, he wasn’t much of threat to cops that far away and behind the cover of vehicles. I dislike second guessing cops, but here, it is obvious. I’ll call it a really bad shoot. No matter what the circumstances leading up to it, this was a bad thing.

Notice how clearly lit the scene was. (yes, that was sarcasm)

Notice the “movement”.

I can, now that I have the video, call it murder.

Remember, these folks are “professionals”…..”Trained to handle firearms”. (Yes, that was also sarcasm)….“The only ones that should be allowed to have guns” and all that.

I am beginning now to see why so many cops were against the mandatory BodyCams.

3 thoughts on “Pretty much don’t need a trial here, do we?

  1. That one is truly sad. And I hope BOTH those damn gamers do time for murder!

  2. This will be interesting. The 2 gamers need to be convicted of accessory to murder. But for that to happen the cop needs to be convicted of murder. But the judicial system will never let the cop take the fall so how can they convict the 2 scumbag gamers of anything?

    The shoot first mentality of the cops needs to be stopped. Most of my life I trusted law enforcement and now in my late 50's they scare the crap out of me.

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