But it’s a DRY cold…

-10 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale tonight. (For you folks whose countries have never put a man on the moon or sent an interstellar probe beyond Saturn, that is -23 C)

Which is pretty much plain old “fucking cold” no matter what you measure it in. Kelvins or Rankines or Delisles or whatever.
Even Harold the outdoor cat wants to come in when it gets that cold. He’s ensconced happily in the barn right now in a warm box out of the wind.

Gotta feel sorry for the deer and the other denizens of the forest when it gets that cold. Plus real wind for even more chill tonight

Don’t wanna confuse WEATHER with CLIMATE (I’ve seen it colder here in winter, and much warmer too), but I wants me some Glowball Warming right now