One wonders:

Just how long the “government Shutdown” would last if, since there is no funding for parts of the Government, we included the salaries of the Congressional and Senatorial aides and the Congressmen and Senators themselves. I’d bet that they’d get their shit together fairly quickly when their staff started whining

I mean, if we simply stopped paying the bar tab for the legislators they’d likely see it in a different light…..And I don’t mean just the DNC folks.

2 thoughts on “One wonders:

  1. Sadly, they get paid, per the Constitution, along with the Judges and the President.

  2. I used similar logic on the social security front. If you took their cushy retirement accounts, liquidated them and put profits into the social security fund, how long do you think it would take to make social security livable again. Though, I might add, I would do the same for the medical benefits. Bet the politicians would be fixing and finding funding at a heart breaking pace. Be nice to be facing retirement with a livable amount at the end of the tunnel.

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