You’ll notice that they don’t show

The “normal” light photos of the area….. At least not current ones….
Just the “false color” infrared.

Wonder why that is.??? Perhaps they hadda use Infrared because they could barely tell in “Normal” imaging that anything had been there?

And, of course, one must realize that this is a VERY small area out of how many MILLIONS of acres? about 6 soccer fields out of 13 Million acres.

Hit piece by the Noo Yawk Thymes on one experimental well drilled in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 30 years ago. 

It may possibly have inconvenienced one Caribou. Maybe. for 5 minutes. 

I remember the terrible cries that the Alaskan Pipeline would destroy the Caribou herds and such. Didn’t happen.  Was gonna kill the Tundra. Didn’t happen. Destroy the wildlife. Didn’t happen.

But environmentalists will believe anything if it sounds like it could be bad….and is presented to them in a manner that tugs their heartstrings. 

When the enviromentalists start walking to work, and using only wool and cotton (picked by hand, and carded and woven without mechanical means) for clothing, and stop using any synthetic fibers (produced from oil) and eating only food that is grown, picked and transported by muscle power, not electrical or oil based energy,…..and when they stop flying from coast to coast, and stop using anything made of or using plastics (including their Apple products) and drinking their organically grown coffees that are transported in ships that use oil for propulsion (and trucks too) then they can talk to me about the environmental impact of sites such as the above. Until then they are hypocrites. 

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  1. Caribou love the pipeline roads…they can walk them and calve on them ad not have to worry about predators sneaking up on them. Caribou populations in AK actually INCREASED around the wells and pipeline roads, but the environmental left, most of whom have never actually
    been to Alaska's North Slope and never will, don't want to talk about that.

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