Now THAT was exciting.

Went up today, for pattern work. Did 8 decent landings, just not all in a row. 2 bad, 2 go arounds mixed in there.

The highlight of the day was when I had just done a Go Around after a bounce. Climbed out, did a call for crosswind, then left downwind runway 18. Then called the base. Hear another call “Arrow XXXX is base runway 18……”. Which is where I was.. Called and asked him to specify his position…Immediately. . “Base,18”.  I looked but couldn’t find him, and hadn’t heard any other  position calls for him.  My instructor heard the same thing and looked and couldn’t find him. Heads on a swivel looking….

Then his instructor came on and called CROSSWIND 18.  He’d just departed the runway with a call about a Cessna departing, so I am not sure WTF was going on (Cessna is like an Arrow, right???). He was, however behind me in the pattern.


Kinda skary for me and my instructor there, for a few.

3 thoughts on “Now THAT was exciting.

  1. Heh. Only thing worse than seeing another pane way too close is NOT seeing another plane way too close. I vividly recall taking evasive action to avoid a mid-air with a black Citabria one day when he crossed the field at pattern altitude as I was downwind one evening …and he never said a word on the radio, even after I cussed him out as a "stupid fuck" on the CTAF. He's lucky I never got his N-number.

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