SO is this Murder?

Is it the cop that did the murder? (The cop that shot an unarmed man answering the door to his house when the cop knocked?)

Or is it the fault of the dude who called in a false report of a hostage situation and gave the cops the cops a false address in an attempt to “SWAT” a rival?

Either way, a cop shot an unarmed (and innocent) man last Thursday. And it looks bad for the cop.

Sad, all the way around.

2 thoughts on “SO is this Murder?

  1. Murder/Manslaughter for both of them (Calling in the false call and the cop). Nothing requires giving your address to anyone, and apparently however sad it is giving out the wrong address to the person that made the swat call was in the right mindset, though I'm not sure who that person could have called to alert anyone. I see a murder charge and an accessory to murder charge being reasonable for the Cop and the Swatter.

  2. Murder for the cop,federal take over of dept. as they are unable to train personnel to interact with public. the swatter with as much as they can throw at him

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