Right to a speedy trial???

Or is the Justice Department simply hoping that we, as a country, will forget? That we aren’t watching?

Awan Brothers trial date, delayed twice, now simply GONE from calendar…..

Were I a suspicious person, and an untrusting soul, I’d have to wonder if, having had access to MANY senators sensetive emails due to their control of the Email servers….DO they have enough dirt on some of those Senators to be able to blackmail their way out of a trial????

We all know that that would never happen, right? All those DNC and RNC folks are as clean as the driven snow and all that…..right?

One thought on “Right to a speedy trial???

  1. Right to a speedy trial belongs to the public also, dragging out trials to a point of no significance is the destruction of the legal system. Rule of law is only recognized if all involved respect the process. Judges that allow cases to be drug out are culpable

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