So innunedo won the day

So lies, mudslinging, and innuendo sufficed to change an election.

The press colluded with the DNC to damage Moore.

Not too much, just enough that Jones won.

Odd, I thought that “Collusion” was bad. Or is it only when russians can be accused of it…..and Republicans.

(Not sure if the accusations against Moire are true or false. The timing of them was suspicious, plus the payments to the accusers damaged the credibility.)

But the election was swayed and the voters of Alabama once again showed their intelligence….and they got the Senator they deserve.

Yes, that last was sarcasm.

One thought on “So innunedo won the day

  1. You're right about what it took for the Demos to win, so it says a lot about what they have to offer, but, as of this writing, Moore has not conceded, saying it's not over.

    If he knows something, I have a feeling he's going to fight it out.

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