It is a shame

That SIG doesn’t sell the M17 (actually I’d prefer the M18) version of the 320.

I might have bought myself a Christmas present if they had.

I’m old school. I want a manual safety.

I currently carry a Para 3″ LDA for daily carry. Love it. But, sadly, it is wearing out. I’m shooting it less, as I cannot get parts (Remington promised to support the platform when they bought Para, but no, they really don’t). If Para was still in business, I’d buy another, but I have to find a daily carry pistol…one where I can get parts for the pistol. . There are lots of “true” 1911 actions out there, but few make a compact that is truly reliable. Not even the vaunted Kimber is really reliable. (to be fair, the Paras went back to the factory 3 or 4 times until I was satisfied).

I have a full size 250 that is a great pistol (but too big for carry, really), and have shot about a hunnerd rounds through a 320 at the range, but I still want at least at thumb safety on my carry gun. (I’d like to see a grip safety too). I don’t care for the tabbed trigger safety. Yes, I know they are great. Don’t care. Hate the brake being on the gas pedal. It would seem that most of the “AD while reholstering” issues are from Glocks or other similar triggers. Few from 1911 type systems.

Yep, I’m a 1911 guy, but a full 5 inch 1911 is harder to carry concealed. Plus heavy. The 4″ versions don’t gain much in weight loss or concealability. Plus they are not common (or reliable) in .357 SIG, which is a caliber that interests me.

So I guess I wait for SIG to choose to offer a safety on the 320. Or for someone else to do so. No I won’t ever go back to the XD. Reasons. Never ever buy a Springfield gun again.

5 thoughts on “It is a shame

  1. Get a LW Commander in 38 Super. Close enough to 357 Sig to make no difference and it runs like crazy in any pistol we've tried it in.

  2. Yeah, but not the recoil springs, They come as a set of parts you must assemble. I have found that Kimber recoil springs for their 3" 1911's work well. The other parts, like barrels, I have spares for. Also firing pins. And extractors…Really, those are the only parts that wear. At least so far, and I have 10,00 rounds on one and 12,500 or so on the other one.

    What I want is a new pistol that I can get parts for. and, of course, that fits my wants and needs….

    I LOVED the LDA trigger. all the good of a Glock or a SIG, but none of the bad.

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