Scientists have varying opinions:

You’d think, if it WAS a disabled spacecraft, that it’d be calling for help already.


4 thoughts on “Scientists have varying opinions:

  1. "…itโ€™s an alien probe with BROKEN engines…"

    'Nice to see that Murphy's law is universal…

    …There's probably also a green, three-toed broad in the passenger seat bitching "I TOLD you that you should have let a professional fix it, but nooo!"

  2. Is the alien probe blue and shaped like an old police box. Just curious. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. In the last twenty years the History Channel is anything but history, unless you count the WWII reruns they do over and over and over.

    Then again it's owned by A&E Networks, which in turn is owned by….DRUMROLL,,,,

    Disney hasn't done any REAL history, nature…stuff since Walt died. It's just regurgitated PC fairy tales. (stolen ones too)

  4. Amen, Dwan. Maybe they don't show real history because 98% of us
    hated it in school? ..and it is so easy to fool us with alien fairy tales.

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