Livin’ the word

And walkin’ the talk.

Guess who fed and watered all those folks at Atlanta Hartsfield airport while they waited for power so they could get out of there?

Yep, “Hate Chicken”. Funny how those types of folks always step up, and the other side……doesn’t.
Odd, that. 

6 thoughts on “Livin’ the word

  1. Ohhh, they step up, alright… TO GET THEIR FREE CHICKEN!

  2. Pete: You miss my point (and likely didn't read the article).

    When folks were hungry and thirsty, it was Chick Fil A who stepped up and fed 'em, that terrible CHRISTIAN organization. 'Twasn't the "Progressive" folks or organizations…

  3. On a Sunday no less, after getting a panic call from the Mayor! 🙂

  4. Kudos to Chick-fil-A for helping to feed the people. But realistically, there were other venues/restaurants that were open and feeding people also, albeit probably not for free. Does that make those other establishments "non-christen"?

    The publicity CfA gains is not without some value. Me thinks you're looking for something that isn't actually there.


  5. Don't you know that Judeo-Christian culture is all about hate?
    Ask any liberal or muslim.

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