Question for the ladies:

So, does a man wearing makeup and a dress make a woman?

‘Cause a woman wearing mans jeans and workboots and a flannel shirt doesn’t make a man.

Yet, oddly, we allow folks with Gender Confusion (mostly men) to use the term “her” when they are feeling feminine that day….or just feel like wearing a dress. Or whatever that day makes them feel like a girl.

But seriously, what makes one a woman? At what point is a man still a man even if he chooses to “identify” as a woman? How do you define it?

At what point are you willing to let them be in a locker room with you?

Seriously. I’m trying to ask the hard questions.

If a man, who self identifies as a woman (that day) is wearing a dress and makeup….is that a woman?

How about if (s)he decides to get some kind of hormone therapy? Is (s)he now a woman?

How about if they have surgery to alter their genitalia? Are they now a woman?

What makes a woman a woman? Lack of male genitalia? Breasts? Ovaries? Lack of testes?

At what point are you willing to let them into a locker room with you and your prepubescent daughter?

How do you define a woman? VS a man playing dress up?

Please, be specific. 

2 thoughts on “Question for the ladies:

  1. never, especially not with my daughter.
    gyms will have to build four dressing rooms now;
    men, women, confused men, and confused women.
    that ought to keep kids safe and satisfy everyone.

  2. I go with Deborah. You are born what you are. If you are confused then I would RATHER not have that "person" allowed near my children.

    It seems to be infectious.

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