Took the Palmetto State Armory AR-10 out to the range today for the first time.

I didn’t need one, but had been thinking about building an AR-10 as a project, and PSA had ’em on sale. Full lowers for $159, and stainless steel uppers in .308 for $399. Free shipping too…. Hoo-Ray!!, an AR-10 for under $600.

And, while I dithered, the asshole of Vegas did his thing…..and I decided to, as it were, pull the trigger …’Cause I figured there might be a run on ’em as folks stocked up just in case the RNC boys and the NRA kinda chose to knuckle under to the DNC/Bloomberg folks.

I got all the stuff a bit over a week ago, but only got to the range today. What with my normal stuff, the rush to finish splitting wood before winter, the whole flying/Ground School/Study thing, I’ve been busy.

And besides, when it is good range weather, it’s good shooting weather, and when it ain’t good for one, it ain’t good for the other.

Anyway, got out to the range today. The range was all being used at 50 yards, so that is the distance I had to use, unless I wanted to wait ’til everyone else left.

All I had on it were some older pop up back up peep sights for an AR that I didn’t like, but they did the job for testing.

A bit over 40 rounds, 5 at a time. Best group at 50 yards was 4 touching and one flyer about an inch to the left. Not bad for a 10 knot wind with gusts to 25.

Now I gotta find some decent glass. I’d really like to find a 4-16 x 50 MOA dot first focal plane with fine crosshairs and an empty 4 MOA diamond in the middle. I have one on my stainless heavy barrel .223 Wylde upper that is the best scope I’ve ever had, great FOV, great glass, great eye relief, but alas it has no name on it and I got it at a gunshow, used, so I have no idea who made it. Never seen one like it since, but I’d love to have another. Easy to measure distances with, large enough FOV for decent holdovers without having to adjust zero, just a great scope. It might move to this upper…..maybe.

Anyway, I’m happy. not bad for $559.00 for a decent AR-10. I’ll likely spend as much or more for decent glass for this rifle as I spent ON the rifle.

Now I gotta stock up on some powder and 150 G .308 bullets.