No father

Or, at least, no father figure.

All those Moms didn’t need a man in their life (except to pay the bills and donate sperm).

Home improvement stores are running out of customers: Need classes and “clinics” to teach Millenials how to do things like pound nails and replace hinges.

I knew how to do most things like that, if not well, at least safely and by age 15. Most of my friends (those whose parents weren’t divorced, and even some of those whose parents were) could do so as well. I had a Dad. Mom chose well.

Lots of 30 somethings and 40 somethings are adequate at “man” tasks….they can build a wall, fix a door, weld, run pipe, wire and outlet, do drywall, etc. Hell, lots of women learned. Not so today….

20 somethings can’t do any of the above, cause no one taught ’em how. No dads to teach ’em. Some men can’t even change a tire. (or open a car with the keys locked inside)

Blame their moms.

(I should point out that Dad never taught me now to “pick a paint color” though. He (like me) saw the world in 8 bit color)

ETA: Apparently (according to comments) I am wrong, at least partially.

It may be that many millenials are simply unwilling to learn. But I do know that none of the ones that have learned to do things didn’t have fathers…they all learned from Dad how to do man things. I know of very few that can do man things who lived without a father.

3 thoughts on “No father

  1. I beg to disagree. My "kids" (the youngest is 26) had a very capable father (me)around all the time. They just didn't see the importance of being a MacGuyver like me; thought that was a sign of poverty. I guess today's sign of affluence is sitting on the side of the freeway with a flat tire, waiting a half hour for "roadside assistance" to show up and do what could be done by the driver in ten minutes…

    …Saw one of those this morning. The guy had the tire out, waiting for AAA. Hell; getting the tire out was the HARD PART…

    …I just don't get it…

  2. It's the emasculation of the male… TRULY turning them into metrosexuals…

  3. Fully agree with Pete. Neighbor that lived across the street from me lost his job and had to go down to Kentucky during the week to work at new location and only home on weekends. His wife came to the door in a panic. Junior had a flat tire in her car and was stranded and her hubby was gone for the week. I got directions to where he was and went and changed the tire. I tried to show him how so he would know how next time. Hard to show someone when their head is buried in a cell phone while I change the tire. Millennials are beyond help. No initiative at all. They have that feeling of entitlement that is too deeply embedded for them to do or want to do anything menial. I don't see a bright future for this country when the upcoming generation is at the helm.

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