Yesterday was better weather.

Flew to another small airport, about 20 miles away. Wind there was 170 at 8 so I landed on 20.

5 times. All decent landings. Lots of room for improvement, but good ones nonetheless.

Flew home, did one go around because we thought there was an animal on the runway, then a full stop landing.

I’m much happier with my progress than I was a week ago.

I do find the 172 to be much heavier in pitch than the 150.

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  1. One tip on landing a C172. Stay on airspeed (although that can be said about any airplane). Even 5 knots fast and you'll float down the runway in ground effect trying to resist the urge to force the plane down.


  2. Hi "B,"
    "A" How many hours have you logged, both Dual and Solo????
    "B" How many hours of "Taildragger" time do you have …both Dual and Solo??
    Personally, when I started flying…1962..I was 16 yrs. old….Hammond Airport Louisiana.. (A left over WWII Training base "no Big Hanger" ..(3) ea. 5,000 ft. runways and a ramp with the most activity being the grass growing between the cracks of the concrete….) I was in a 1946 7AC Aeronca 65 hp. "Champ" N2211E we were the "Cloudhoppers Flying Club!!!" I got 18 hrs. total dual and solo before a member ground looped it in a friend's "short field cowpasture!!" and tore off the left landing gear!! Got other "taildragger" time with friends and the CAP!! The CAP CO had a Piper PA-17 65 hp. "Vagabond" that was a "JEWEL!!!" to fly!! Some years passed till 1978 when I restarted the "Quest for my "PRIVATE!!" at Long Beach Flyers in Long Beach (LGB) Ca. in a Cessna 150…. I will say that those "FIRST!!!!" Taildragger hours "paid off!!" I have never had a problem with any taildragger straight in or any kind of crosswind!!!!!! If a "Taildragger" is your "FIRST PIECE!!!!!" of SKY…you will always remember and never forget!!
    Blue Skies!!!,

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