Moar landings

Plus, my first touch and go at a towered airport. (class D).
I am learning how important airspeed is at touchdown, as I was cautioned by a commentor several posts back.

But I’m learning, if slowly.


2 thoughts on “Moar landings

  1. hey, take your time and learn. No interest in seeing you banged up.

  2. The best illustration I ever got of that was in an Archer at KABI. I elected to land downwind because the runway was directly aligned with my arrival direction and was 7198 x 150. I learned:

    1) There's a escarpment just south of the airport that bumps up the wind velocity in the neighborhood.

    2) A low wing Piper with Hershey Bar wing will F-L-O-A-T in ground effect when carrying too much speed.

    3) 7198 feet is not as long as it seems when you don't land till the the 3,000 to go sign…

    4) My dumb ass should have advanced the power and confessed to the tower I screwed up and needed 17 instead.

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